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Calme-killing time

Random video call

Let's talk a lot.

◆ What is Calme?

Calme Korumi is a time-killing random video calling app that connects you with the person you want to talk to with just one tap!
When you are free, lonely, or want to talk to someone, you can connect with someone immediately with Calme. Not only voice calls but also video call function that allows you to talk while reflecting each other is free. Now, I want to talk to someone! With Calme, where many such people are gathered, you can have a conversation immediately with one tap ♪
Make your home time more enjoyable! Enjoy a new sense of random calling in line with your new lifestyle.

ホーム: テキスト

Challenge video calls.

Let's reflect each other's appearance.

Let's turn on the video call when we get used to each other. You can see the other person well and the conversation will surely be lively!

ホーム: ようこそ

No registration required,
Anonymous OK.

Since there is no registration of personal information, it is safe and secure.

No need to register personal information / email address or social media such as SNS!
You can start using it immediately just by setting your name.

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